Hi all, I just wanted to say (belatedly) a happy new year to all. 2009 has arrived whether we are ready for it or not. For the first time in my career as a transcriptionist, work continued right through the December / early January period and has not abated since. I've had a flying start to 2009 including working through both the past Friday and Saturday nights. Trusting that your new year has been as lucrative!  R


Hi everybody, I just wanted to make the comment that we mustn't forget to network, it's a major part of our marketing. Make use of every opportunity you can to network, chat to people at your children's school. There are a lot of school functions and other Christmas functions happening at this time of year where we see people we don't necessarily see through the rest of the year and these are good opportunities to network, explain what it is that we do and hand out business cards and brochures. If you hear of people losing jobs, point them in the direction of TAVASA as a good alternative to sitting at home doing nothing is setting up your own business and we are only too happy to help people who want to do this. 


Hi everybody, please participate in our rates poll, on the bottom of the home page. We are really interested in finding out what everybody is charging, in the interests of standardising rates here and trying to make sure that we are getting paid what we deserve here. We provide quality work in South Africa and deserve to be paid accordingly. Thanks guys!!


Last night I secured a contract - nothing major (between R150 and R300 per month), however it is the "other" type of reward that I will be getting that really made me excited.

As most of you know, my favourite market where I work is people with disabilities and specifically people with a visual impairment.  Three of my current clients and the one that recently died in Russia are blind.  I got a call yesterday from a blind lady, her husband is blind, their eldest daughter (Gr 3) is blind and they have a sighted boy going to Gr 1 next year.  She is a very involved mother and wish to still be involved with her kid even though she cannot see.  She wants to be able to assist him with his homework and need a hand at least until he can read himself.

She send me some stuff which I "translated" into descriptions which she would understand, similar to what screen reading software uses but added some clear indications where these objects would be on the page and how it would look like for the seeing child; in that way she would be able to tell him what to look for.  What I did worked for her, and this of course did not surprise me - I know the field, I know the technology.

It was just this awesomeness of a woman wanting to be part of her child's life and then how technology and a virtual assistant's ability to make that dream a reality for her.

Have a nice day, all of you

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